Modalis MR 13500-3 AC voltage stabilizer


Стабилизатор переменного напряжения Modalis MR 13500-3Modalis MR 13500-3 three-phase AC voltage stabilizer is part of the Modalis product range of Standard series voltage stabilizers.

Modalis MR 13500-3 voltage stabilizer is designed to protect home and office appliances and industrial equipment with aggregate power consumption of up to 13.5 kVA. To power up induction motors (found inside industrial machines, refrigerators, air pumps, compression pumps, and high-pressure washers), the voltage stabilizer must have a reserve capacity that's at least three times greater than the motor's own capacity. 

Modalis MR 13500-3 voltage stabilizer consists of three free-standing one-phase power blocks, a wall-mounted switching unit and a set of cables to connect all the units. 


Design features:

  • voltage stabilizer consists of three one-phase power units, a switching unit, and a set of cables;
  • toroidal power autotransformer;
  • double load protection from critically high input voltage;
  • automatic disconnection of the autotransformer in case of input voltage surge over 300V with subsequent automatic reactivation once a safe voltage has been restored;
  • compulsory cooling procedure (built-in smart fan);
  • discrete (step-by-step) adjustment of output voltage;
  • wide range of input voltage;
  • high overload capacity;
  • thyristor power-switching circuits;
  • fast response time;
  • electronic overload and short-circuit protection featuring automatic disconnection;
  • ability to work at declared load power within the entire range of input voltages;
  • automatic power cutoff when input or output voltage exceeds the preset threshold with subsequent automatic reactivation after the voltage is restored to levels within the allowed range of operation;
  • manual bypass (both in the power and switching units);
  • input and output power filter to suppress high frequency distortions;
  • LED indicators of operating modes and main parameters (input and output voltage, load power);
  • screw terminal for connecting power supply and load cables.

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Product specifications

Number of phases 3
Maximum load capacity, kVA 13,5
Admissable overload 100% - 10s
Effective range of input phase voltage, V 165-265
Extreme range of input phase voltage, V 145-285
Rated input frequency, Hz 50
Input frequency range, Hz 48-52
Output phase voltage stabilization, % ±5
Effective range of output phase voltage, V 219-241
Extreme range of output phase voltage, V 190-252
Number of correction levels 7
Energy conversion efficiency, % 95
Range of load change, % 0...100
Load power factor 0-1
Type of switches thyristor
Time of voltage adjustment for one correction level, ms <=30
Overload and short-circuit protection electronic, with automated switch
EMI/RFI filter input/output
External temperature range, °С +1...+40
Relative air humidity, % 0...80
Cooling procedure compulsory
Rating protection IP30
Weight, kg 88,6
Overall dimensions (WxHxD), mm 3x(260х441х400)+1(400x345x123)
Warranty, months 24
Service life period, years 10


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