Modalis MR 30000-3C AC voltage stabilizer


Стабилизатор переменного напряжения Modalis MR 30000-3CThe three-phase Mofalis MR 30000-3C AC voltage stabilizer is part of the Modalis product range of C series rack stabilizers.

The C series of Modalis stabilizers was designed with conservation of space and wide-spread use of 19" racks in mind. The stabilizer takes up the minimum space and fits in a standard 19" rack.

Modalis MR 30000-3C voltage stabilizer is designed for protection of home and office appliances and industrial equipment with aggregate power consumption of up to 30 kVA (that's the output capacity of a house, office or production facility). To power up induction motors (which can be found inside refrigerators, air pumps and compression pumps, and high-pressure washers), the voltage stabilizers must have a reserve capacity that's at least three times greater than the motor's own capacity. 

Modalis MR 30000-3C voltage stabilizer is designed for convenient assembly and service, and its attractive apeparance is an additional advantage.

Design features:

  • voltage stabilizer consists of three one-phase power units, switching unit, and 19" two-post rack;
  • toroidal power autotransformer;
  • double load protection from critically high input voltage;
  • automatic disconnection of the autotransformer in case of input voltage surge over 300V with subsequent automatic reactivation once a safe voltage has been restored;
  • compulsory cooling procedure (built-in smart fan);
  • discrete (step-by-step) adjustment of output voltage;
  • wide range of input voltage;
  • high overload capacity;
  • thyristor power-switching circuits;
  • fast response time;
  • electronic overload and short-circuit protection featuring automatic disconnection;
  • ability to work at declared load power within the entire range of input voltages;
  • automatic power cutoff when input or output voltage exceeds the preset threshold with subsequent automatic reactivation after the voltage is restored to levels within the allowed range of operation;
  • manual bypass (both in the power and switching units);
  • input and output power filter to suppress high frequency distortions;
  • LED indicators of operating modes and main parameters (input and output voltage, load power);
  • screw terminal for connecting power supply and load cables;
  • set of rollers (optional).


Product specifications

Number of phases 3
Maximum load capacity, kVA 30
Admissable overload 100% - 10s
Effective range of input phase voltage, V 165-265
Extreme range of input phase voltage, V 145-285
Rated input frequency, Hz 50
Input frequency range, Hz 48-52
Output phase voltage stabilization, % ±5
Effective range of output phase voltage, V 219-241
Extreme range of output phase voltage, V 190-252
Number of correction levels 7
Energy conversion efficiency, % 95
Range of load change, % 0...100
Load power factor 0-1
Type of switches thyristor power-switching circuits
Time of voltage adjustment for one correction level, ms <=30
Overload and short-circuit protection electronic, with automated switch
EMI/RFI filter input/output
External temperature range, °С +1...+40
Relative air humidity, % 0...80
Cooling procedure compulsory
Protection rating IP20
Weight, kg 153
Overall dimensions (WxHxD), mm 545 x 1104 x 542
Overall dimensions in packagins (WxHxD), mm 3x(500x270 х 465) +1(570 х 570 x1210)
Warranty, months 24
Service life period, years 10


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