Modalis IS 1500 AC inverter stabilizer


IS 1500 smallCompared to other types of power surge protectors, Modalis inverter stabilizer guarantees the highest level of equipment protection. Thanks to the use of double conversion technology, this surge protector boasts unique specifications and consumer properties.

This model is designed for protection of equipment with maximum wattage of 1,500 VA/1,125 W (boiler regulators and automatic equipment of other essential consumers, TV sets, audio and video equipment, computers, fax machines, office telephone switchboards, medical equipment, precisiou measuring devices, etc).

Modalis inverter stabilizer with a wattage of 1,500 VA/1,125 W is shaped like a box with an LCD screen, power switch and two European standard sockets on the side panel. It can be mounted either on a table or a wall. There is a power cable with European standard plug for power connection. 


Design features:

  • transformless system of double voltage conversion using state-of-the art IGBT transistors with microprocessor control;
  • small weight and size compared with similar wattage devices;
  • configuration of output voltage is always a pure sine wave regardless of input voltage parameters;
  • distortions of input voltage configuration are currected by the surge protector;
  • immediate reaction to changes in input voltage. Absence of transient phenomena in case of input voltage jumps;
  • wide range of input voltage and high precision of output regulation;
  • input capacity corrector. Regardless of the type of power demand, the surge protector always provides an active load for the power grid and doesn't distort the primary grid;
  • power demand and surge protector itself are fully electronically protected from short-circuit, grid overload, reduced input voltage, overvoltage and overheating;
  • filtration of high-frequency interference from the primary grid.



Product specifications

Number of phases 1
Maximum load capacity, kVA 1,5
Effective range of input phase voltage, V 165-310
Extreme range of input phase voltage, V 90-310
Rated input frequency, Hz 50
Input frequency range, Hz 43-57
Regulation of output phase voltage, % ±2
Effective range of output phase voltage, V 226-234
Energy conversion efficiency, % 96
Load power factor 0,99
External temperature range, °С +5...+40
Relative air humidity, % 0...90
Cooling procedure compulsory, smart
Protection rating IP20
Weight, kg 3
Overall dimensions (WxHxD), mm 313 x 186 x 89
Warranty, months 24
Service life period, years 20


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