Inverter stabilizers


group IS Modalis smallInverter stabilizers with double conversion offer innovative technological solution for protection from power surges that was unavailable up to now through other power surge protectors available on the market. 

The principal advantage of Modalis inverter stabilizer is the split-second control and transformation of voltage. Modalis inverter stabilizer simply lacks the parameter for reaction time in case of changes in input voltage. Whatever happens to the input voltage within the wide effective range, the output voltage is always 220 V. Power surge protectors widely used on the market (switching or electromechanical) have the response time that ranges from 0.1 second to several seconds, and thus your equipment runs the risk of functional loss in those short moments. 

Another principal advantage of Modalis inverter stabilizer, manufactured with on-line layout (surge protector online) is the wide range of input voltage — from 90 V to 310 V — with output voltage of 220 V  ±4 V (i.e. less than 2%)

Modalis inverter stabilizer has another unique quality that was previously unavailablee in surge protectors: it corrects configuration of output voltage to form a pure sine wave, even if the input voltage was significantly distorted. Moreover, unlike the rest of the existing surge protectors, thanks to the input capacity protector, Modalis inverter stabilizer doesn't distort the primary grid, because it provides it with net active load regardless of what's plugged into the stabilizer's output. 

The new and unique Modalis inverter stabilizers are a perfect choice for the home-use surge protector. By selecting the inverter stabilizers with double voltage conversion you'll guarantee your equipment previously unavailable safety, security and stability of power supply. 



Model Number of phases

Maximum load capacity, 


Effective/extreme range of input phase voltage, V Regulation of output phase voltage,% Effective/extreme range of output phase voltage, V Energy conversion efficiency,% Overall dimensions (WxHxD), mm Weight, kg
IS 350 1 0,35 165-310/90-310 +/- 2 226-234 96 140*240*87 2
IS 550 1 0,55 165-310/90-310 +/- 2 226-234 96 140*240*87 2
IS 1000 1 1,0 165-310/90-310 +/- 2 226-234 96 313*186*89 3
IS 1500 1 1,5 165-310/90-310 +/- 2 226-234 96 313*186*89 3
IS 2500 1 2.5 165-310/90-310 +/- 2 216-224 96 360*205*105 5
IS 3500 1 3,5 165-310/90-310 +/- 2 216-224 96 360*205*105 5


  • Warranty period is 24 months.